Little stories with Wilma


WILMA´s life is plenty of stories. The first ones were really sad and hard and we told them in the article “Vilma, still aimless”, whereas the last ones are so funny and inspiring.

Those people that have heard about Wilma right from the beginning already know that last August her luck turned over for good: Brent and Els adopted her in Belgium.

Since then Vilma lives very happy in her new home. What else could we expect?

They told us proudly two little stories starred by Vilma that stand out the success in this adoption and the happiness in the family.



A cat got lost in the neighbourhood and its owners were desperately looking for him with no success. They were delivering leaflets with their data in the letter-boxes when Els and Brent were shopping in that area. They decided to pick up one of them as they actually live quite near and perhaps they could be lucky and see the cat.

They arrived home and as it was Wilma´s time for a walk they took her out. Suddenly Wilma stopped and seemed very interested in a ventilation grille of a basement. She sniffed something inside and  she did not want to move.

What´s that? We watched with curiosity and …what a surprise! We discovered the lost cat hidden under the grill.

Well done, Wilma! This time a dog rescues a cat!


One night, Brent took Wilma out for the daily walk. They were approaching a tree when he heard two men whispering “ Let´s steal his wallet!” Obviously Brent tried to run away

But it was too late. The two men popped up from behind the tree in a threatening attitude.

Unexpectedly Wilma went into action growling and showing her tusks at them. The men were so surprised that kept still for a while when Vilma started to bark so aggressively.

They changed their minds and ran away without stopping!...Better to get far from this fierce dog!

Ha, Ha! This is the way Wilma avoided Brent being robbed!

These happy-ending stories happened thanks to pretty Wilma. Her adoptants sent us very moving pictures and we are ever so happy for all of them.

Wilma suffered a lot in the past and currently she´s plenty of fun, energy and serenity. What we enjoy the most is the power of love and happiness shared within the home.

Because of all this, El Buen Amigo is very grateful to Brent and Els forever.