Ingrid´s adoptive children



In the human world Nature tells that no mother or father should survive any of their children because if this happened the pain would be the hardest one they might have in their whole lives. Unfortunately people who have experienced this will understand what I mean.

Nevertheless when the family has one or several non-human beings (cats, dogs, birds…) considered as loving members in the home, they seem to take for granted that these species would normally pass away before the people.  The loss will cause a heartache although it will be better accepted by the time people get older than when they were young and believed that our pets would live forever! Moreover we used to think that we would always be there and ready to take care of them in a cosy home.

But life does not work this way and the sudden changes make us realise that we have to cope with difficulties and take important decisions every now and then.

Well, the story we want to share with you has to do with this little reflection:

Laguna, Otto and Milagros are three of Ingrid´s doggies and they do deserve to be the protagonists today.

Ingrid is a lady who has invested her life on caring and loving her dogs either adopting or fostering them. Currently Ingrid is getting older and has some health problems that make her not able to handle the situation the way she used to do it. She always was (and still is) a strong and determined soul struggling for more than 25 years saving and protecting animals. Actually she was one of the founders of “Protectora El Buen Amigo” and hundreds of dogs have found healing, relief and love in her hands and her heart.

We cannot imagine how hard these days are being for her as her pets had to leave her and enter the shelter. Ingrid misses them so much and she´s very worried about their future.

And....what about Laguna, Otto and Milagros? How are they feeling? They are confused and out of their home. They must face a situation that they had already lived years ago, before they went to Ingrid´s. Indeed this is not easy for them either ! They miss her, her love and her generosity and of course…their home.

Trying to soothe a little bit Ingrid´s sorrows, the volunteers have placed the three dogs together in a kennel and at least they know one each other. 


About Laguna, Otto y Milagros.

To tell the truth, Laguna was at first fostered by Ingrid and soon became one member in the family so she stayed for 5 years with her! (she´ll be 6 next April).. Laguna is a mixed water dog, a bit shy but ever so sweet and cheerful. She suffers a low level of leishmania and is being treated for this. She  has no symptoms up to this moment and looks great and so smart!!

Otto is a kind of mixed fox, very nice and lovely. He adores greeting to people and no doubt that he will bring love and joy to any good family. Otto is the most confident of the three.  He´s about 7 and lived with Ingrid almost all this time.

Milagros is the shiest of the three. She´s about 8 and we feel that to get adapted to life in the shelter will be quite hard for her. Fortunately she has very good qualities: sweetness, quietness and friendliness. We know that she´s the apple of Ingrid´s eye! and  normally calls her “mi peluche” (“my cuddly pet”).

This is a call for anyone who wants to help these three beauties to find a good home.

Thank you very much on behalf of them and EBA.