VILMA, still aimless



Vilma´s story is like so many others that get attached to people´s meaningfully. Vilma´s story starts on the road:

- The dog is wandering about, without destination …. But it´s better to follow the roads. Perhaps one of them will lead her to the place she´s looking for: a good home.

Just in a few seconds the bad luck comes up and her bones hit the hard dark asphalt with a sharp noise that lasts for a little while. Immediately she cannot move and the pain is terrible. She tries once more but she cannot go further, so she lies there curled up into a ball trying to protect her body and she understands that her life is ending up.

All around her look the same, only the cold of the night, the daylight and the noise of those big objects rushing at full speed...

This one could be any of the too common stories that mean the end for many animals but for Vilma, this was right the beginning of a new but hard period in her life.

We ignore if she had a happy or sad life before or how she managed to get there but we do know that the person who was responsible for her, certainly did not care about her.

We´ve been told she was there during several days without moving and when they called the association, the poor dog was suffering a lot and we did not know whether she could get over this. The veterinary considered convenient to put her to sleep and leave her in peace but the volonteers insisted on doing the best and see what happened. Vilma stayed in the clinic and fought for her life. When she was better, she was put in the shelter although her leg was still broken. She was weak but ate and started to walk with her right back leg protected with a kind of plaster. She was put in the best kennel during her recovery.

After a certain time, her health was much better and she had a normal life with the other dogs. However we knew that her leg wasn´t well so she was taken to Juan, the traumatologist, who told us to save her leg doing an emergency operation.

We´re very grateful to the people who gave donations to afford the operation that lasted 3 hours. The vet put a steel plaque and said that her bones looked like a puzzle. He really did a fantastic job. Since that day, Vilma´s life would change once more.

As a matter of fact, this type of recovery is not possible at the shelter so a person accepted fostering her and after 6 months she looked great. The metal thing was removed and she could have a total normal life.

Unfortunately, her Foster mum had to leave for France and Vilma was put back in the shelter where she did not stay for a long time because she suffered abuse from the other dogs (sometimes seriously wounded).Then they found another foster home for her and ….. she was adopted in January 2014..

Nevertheless, Vilma´s story has not ended yet: Last May, her adoptants had personal problems and they left her.

Since she was rescued in November 2012, Vilma has not found her good home and she really deserves it.

This is our special call for her: Please help us to find the right home for Vilma.

Vilma is a beautiful Little doggy. She´s 12 kg heavy and 40 cm tall. She´s very healthy and looks great and plenty of energy. You wouldn´t tell that she had an operation.  She adores running and playing just like a puppy and she would fit perfectly an active adoptant . She´s very obedient and walks well on the leash.

Vilma is very cheerful with children, dogs (males and females) and also with cats. If you want to see her file, please click on her picture .


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